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CSX VAT Community Mitigation Fund General FAQ's  


In accordance with the Record of Decision (ROD), the Mitigation Fund Committee & NSCP have determined a set of Criteria for allocating funds. In addition, NSCP has posted a set of FAQ's that should answer most of your questions. The Mitigation Fund is now closed.


How do I begin the process?

Begin by reviewing the criteria and determine if you qualify. You should also review the Record Of Decision (ROD) for information on Residential Property Mitigation.  If you meet the requirements*, go to to our Mitigation Fund Application Page and get started. 

Yes, it is a lot of information. To help you sort it all out, we have attached links throughout to help you better understand it all.


*Please note that a submitted application does not guarantee approval. Incomplete applications will not be considered.


Who are Eligible Parties?

Eligible Parties are defined as community organizations or non front row residents in the impacted area who promote community enhancements or are temporarily inconvenienced by the tunnel project.


Are Front Row Residences and Capper Senior Apts Eligible?

No, Front Row Residences and Senior Apartments (as defined in the Record of Decision) are not eligible for funds.

Organizations/Individuals cannot apply for funds on their behalf nor can funds be earmarked to those not eligible. 


If my property has damage, can I obtain funds?

No, if you believe or state that your property is damaged as a result of the project, a claim should be filed through CSX.

Contact the Community office at 861 New Jersey Avenue SE (800-494-1049) Anything catagorized as "damage" is a claim.


If you live just outside the boundary of "Front Row Residences", does that qualify you same as a Front Row Residence?

No, The ROD determined the guidelines and boundaries for Front Row Residences. The list of Front Row Residences can be found in Exhibit B of the ROD. As an example, if you live next door, just outside of the boundary of a "front row residence", that does not automatically qualify you due to temporary inconvenience. The fund favors improvements or programs that benefit a variety of residents. 


Does NSCP determine who is awarded funds?
No, NSCP is the 3rd Party Adminstrator who manages the fund,  oversees & elects the Committee and writes the checks.
The Committee itself votes on all applications based on criteria established in a fair, objective and democratic manner. 


If I am not approved for funds, may I re-apply?

Yes, just not in the same phase, as long as you meet the criteria. There may be many worthy applications submitted during the same phase. You may re-apply for the next phase (although re-applying does not guarantee approval). We strive to allocate funds wisely to help worthy organizations or individuals that align within the focus area. Applicant must also be in good standing with previous awards.


How often will the Committee meet to vote and how are funds allocated?

The Committee is planning to meet quarterly (or as necessary) & award funds twice a year (6 Phases) for the next 3 years, but will be in regular communication throughout the process. The fund shall be divided into parts throughout the 3 year process. As an example, if the $650,000 is divided into 6 phases, it works out to approximately $108,000 per phase.


How do I apply for funds?

To apply for funds, go to our Application page to learn more and apply. The application links go live during each  phase. There are (six) 6 phases and dates for each will be announced. Be sure to include any & all documentation to support the fund amount requested. Please note that a resident/organization may only submit one application in any given phase, otherwise only the first one (by date) will be considered.


If awarded a portion of the funds, is it taxable?

If you are an individual receiving funds, anything over $599.00 is reportable. Please consult your accountant. As stated in the ROD, eligible parties are defined as a resident or a community organization that promotes community enhancements within ANC 6B & 6D. Any resident or organization awarded funds must provide NSCP with the necessary information for IRS reporting & sign a Memorandum of Understanding.  All information kept strictly confidential.


If I do not have internet or an email address, can I still apply?

Yes, hard copy paper applications will be available to those who do not have internet or an email address. Applications must be dated & post marked within the deadline period of each phase for consideration.


What if an application is submitted and a committee member has any connection to the applicant?

The committee member(s) will be recused and will not participate in the discussion or vote on that

particular application.


What happens if all of the funds are not awarded in a particular phase?

Until all of the applications (per phase) are reviewed by the committee, it is hard to predict if perfect division per phase is possible. Should all of the funds not be awarded, the remainder will be added to the following phase. Also, it is possible to exceed the amount allotted in a given phase. If so, it would alter the amount of funds in a different phase. The goal is to ensure that the aggregate payments throughout all phases is roughly equal.


What is the best way to help increase my chances of securing funds?

Demonstrate a need for the project, show that it is well planned, provide evidence of good management, accurately cost the project and show how it will benefit as many residents as possible in the community. Applications submitted for a project without a complete budget will not be considered for funding. No exceptions.


What are my responsibilities if awarded funds? 

All awardees must sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), which ensures that the funds will be used specifically for the

purpose stated in the awardee's application. Should an awardee breach the terms, the Third Party adminstrator will seek to have the funds returned.  If MOU is not signed in a reasonable timeframe after notification of award (within 30-45 days after notification),  NSCP reserves the right to withdraw the award.  NSCP reserves the right to request additional information on the MOU prior to releasing funds.  Although referred to as  "free money", funds must meet the terms and conditions.  If additional information/documentation is requested, it must be submitted with the signed MOU. Funds must be spent within one year of the fund award date.


What is the term of the Committee Members?

The Committee members are elected by the NSCP Board of Directors to serve a one year (generally 2 phases) term. At the discretion of the Third Party Administrator who oversees the committee, terms may be renewed (except final phase). 


If I apply for temporary inconvenience, does that guarantee an award?

No, an applicant must demonstrate how any inconvenience is distinctive to you and/or your household and how it differs from your neighbors. See FAQ #5 and review the criteria about what is not funded.


What is the basis for how applications are chosen?

When evaluating applications, the Committee will strive to maintain a balance of need, geography, greatest positive impact and resource improvements in the community.  (See the Criteria Page for more detailed information). Although nearly $200K has been funded for schools in Phases 1-4, we encourage other grant requests for Phases 5-6.


What if I miss the application deadline?

As stated in Question 8, the Committee will award funds twice per year (6 phases). If you miss the deadline established for one phase, you can apply in the next phase unless it is the final phase. Applications will be made available for each of the 6 phases. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

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