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CCP's Original "Feed The Feeder" Series®


What is Feed The Feeder®?


The Feeder Series began in 2016 as "Feed the Feeder" with one middle school and one elementary school, which feeds into the middle school. We discovered that teachers in other schools never had the opportunity to network with each other to share ideas, teaching styles and learn about schools other than their own with an emphasis on increasing enrollment into middle school. Teachers in the elementary school would have a better understanding of their middle school and pass this critical information to parents. Data showed that after 4th grade, many parents opted to send their children to charter or private school or move to a new area with a better middle school.

This type of interaction had never been done and is trademarked with the US Patent Office.


Feeder 1 (2016) Feeder 2.0 (May 5, 2017)

 Feed The Feeders 1 and 2 were receptions designed for teacher networking and appreciation to help increase middle school enrollment in a social setting. NSCP went outside the box to address a pressing need. Feeder 2.0 was held at Agua 301 on cinco de mayo with over 275 guests. Two schools were awarded $30,500.00 for new laptops.  By popular demand, Feed The Feeder continued. Guest speakers included DC Council Member Robert White. 


Feed The Feeder® 3 (November 2, 2017)

The third series event introduced a principal roundtable forum. With other schools looking to participate, the series expanded to include more schools. including Jefferson Middle School, Eliot-Hine Middle School, Hardy Middle School, their feeder schools, Eastern HS and more. The newly added principal roundtable allowed principals to share ways to improve their schools. 

Guest panelists were DC Council Member Anita Bonds, Commander Kane (MPD), Inspector Coligan (MPD) , 21st Century School Fund and DCIAA. Topics included school legislation, safety, culture, strengthening feeder patterns, capture rates and athletics. A third party note-taker was hired to record minutes for future meetings.

Following the roundtable, school LSAT's,  PTA's, teachers and other community leaders were able to speak with the roundtable attendees at a reception. Guest speakers included DC Council Chair Phil Mendelson. 


Feed The Feeder® IV (May 24, 2018)

The forth series continued with the second roundtable at the Courtyard Marriott (Navy Yard) followed by the reception at Agua 301. DC Council Member David Grosso (Education Committee Chair) discussed his Student Fair Access to School legislation, Commander Kane reviewed school safety and Mary Filardo (21st Century Fund) focused on lottery & enrollment data.  A third party note-taker  recorded minutes. Speakers included DC Council Chair Phil Mendelson and Ward 6 State Board of Ed Representative Joe Weedon. 

FeederFest-Feed The Feeder® V (October 24, 2018)

The fifth event in the series was held at Lavagna on Barracks Row. It began with our third Principal Roundtable featuring DC Council Member David Grosso, Ken Wythecombe (DC Public School Partnership Program), Suzanne Wells (CHPSPO),  Joe Weedon, (State Board of Education Representative), MPD and NSCP followed by  the Feeder reception.

The reception featured representatives from 14 schools, principals, 4 Council Members, Deputy Mayor of Education, PTA's, LSAT, Living Classrooms, Anacostia RiverKeeper  and CHPSPO. Speakers included Deputy Mayor Paul Kihn and DC Council Chair Phil Mendelson.                                                                                        


Feed the Feeder ®VI (May 8, 2019)         


The sixth event in the series is May 8th. DCPS introduced the School transparency and Reporting (STAR) rating system.  The new system features more than 150 data points, including data and information about academic programs, extracurricular activities, parent organizations, and more. With some controversy surrounding the new system, Feeder VI will focus on whether it weighs too heavily on test scores, not enough on parent involvement or how safe kids feel in school as examples. 

Look for more Details are in our monthly newsletter.  


Feed the Feeder ®VII (March 19, 2020) 

                                                                    Cancelled due to COVID-19. Check back soon for a restructured Series 




                                      Our thanks to Agua 301 and Lavagna helping make the Feeder Series® a success!


                                                            CCP has donated over $225,000 to area schools


It takes all of us to make a difference!

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