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       Capital Community Partners (Formerly NSCP)
2013                                                                           2023

"Our teams are honored to have worked with and supported programs sponsored and managed by the Capital Community Partners (CCP), it’s Board and Leadership throughout the years. You have done extraordinary and diligent work coordinating with community leaders for the betterment of the surrounding neighborhoods over the past decade. Whether it’s through opportunities to educate or clean around the river and community, manage community funds, help seniors and schools in need, or to simply facilitate discussions, CCP goes above and beyond. And a special thanks to both Bruce and Anne for their tireless efforts"

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Stephen Flippin,

                                                                                                                                                                                                                   CSX Head of Federal Affairs

I have heard from my team what a valuable partner you and the Capital Community Partners are and appreciate your support of great schools in every neighborhood through strengthening our feeders. 

Lewis Ferebee-DCPS Chancellor

Feeder Series®

I want to acknowledge the generosity of our LSAT community representative, Bruce Darconte of Capitol Community Partners who in addition to supporting Payne financially last spring after COVID hit, also recently purchased laptops for our kiddos who don't have them.

Steve Bowen, President

Payne Elementary School LSAT

I write to offer gratitude on behalf of the Government of the District of Columbia for the valuable contribution you made to the District on 5/8/2016. This donation of 68 laptops and 8 desktops valued at $28,653.00 was used to support activities of the District of Columbia Public Schools. Thank you again for your continued support.

Mayor Muriel Bowser

Washington DC

Thank you so very much for the tireless support that you have given to the Van Ness Community. Your efforts to reopen the school are deeply appreciated.

Cynthia Rivers Robinson, Van Ness Elementary School

Washington DC

I agree that (Feed the Feeder) is a wonderfully unique opportunity that you all have created and I strongly support the intent of this event. I commend your work to collaborate with partner organizations through the Adopt-a-School Program. I look forward to hearing more about the great work you are doing for our Ward 6 Schools. Thank you for your continued support and all that you do for DCPS.

Antwan Wilson, Chancellor DCPS

Feeder Series™

I would like to say thank you again for the generous donation of laptops to Payne ES.  We have been exceptionally blessed.

Stephanie Byrd

Principal, Payne Elementary School

Thank you for organizing this gesture to help our Hasentree family during these dark times.

Stefan Rossell, Director

Club Corp

Last night (NSCP Feeder V, October 24, 2018) I connected with parents and educators in Ward 6 to thank them for their dedication and hard work. We appreciate each of you. Thank you for your leadership Bruce DarConte and NSCP for being a partner. 

DC Council Member Robert White

Feeder Series®

Thank you Near Southeast Community Partners for your support and fabulousness! 

Capitol Hill Arts Workshop (CHAW)

Washington DC

We cannot thank you and your wife Anne enough for your assistance with this effort. I am sure the officials were right and that you did a superhuman effort to help our seniors ad we appreciate it very much (Capper Senior fire)


Capper Building Fire

I had a great time (Feed the Feeder V) meeting your impassioned school communities and I am grateful to be invited. I left with a richer, deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities our city has. 

Paul Kihn-DC Deputy Mayor of Education

Feeder Series®

We just received our new furniture for our Kindergarten and Pre-Primeria classes and our 1st/2nd grade classes. We are so excited to have more space and be able to offer a preschool program to this community!

We can't thank you enough for your generous donation and efforts. 

Libby Furcolo, Prinicpal

Faro de Cabrera School- Cabrera, Dominican Republic.

Honored to have been at the NSCP reception in Ward 6  (Feeder V) talking with parents, administrators, and others who care about education. This kind of interaction is important if we are to improve public education.

DC Council Chair Phil Mendelson

Feeder Series®

As always an informative, collaborative and blood-boiling experience.  : ) In all seriousness, I truly value this experience.  Thank you and see you in the spring!

Lucas Cooke, Principal Hardy Middle School

Feeder Series®

I would like to extend my sincerest appreciation to you and the team at NSCP for your generous support of the Arthur Capper seniors who were affected by the fire on September 19, 2018. The holiday celebration showed the effort you went through to make sure the seniors had a memorable event. The luncheon, gift cards, gift bags, items collected by Richard Wright Public Charter School students and more was well received by the seniors. NSCP's compassionate response shows that community spirit is alive and well. When rough times fall upon our residents, we are grateful for partners like you who respond with generosity and an eagerness to help. 

Mayor's Office of Partnerships & Grant Services

Capper Seniors

The 3rd anniversary of NSCP commemorates a strong organization that, with no exaggeration, shatters even our wildest expectations back in the early days. I love the river, love the community and will forever be proud of the fingerprints that I leave behind.


(Mike, NSCP cannot thank you enough for believing in the organization. We are here as a result of your help and leadership. You may have left the area, but NSCP is still your family).

Mike Bolinder, Founding Director NSCP


Another great NSCP Feed the Feeder event where I got to hear directly from Ward 6 principals and parents.

DC Council Member Anita Bonds

Feeder Series®

Thanks again for the support and collaboration with Faro. Our new student is a bright and lovely kid who is very happy to be at our school. We are proud to have her and are sure she will excel at Faro

Felicita Garcia

Faro de Cabrera School- Cabrera, Dominican Republic.

You and your wife were amazing and went above and beyond. (Capper Senior fire)

The Hill is Home

Capper Building Fire

Thank you for your tremendous support of Amidon-Bowen over the years and CCP's sponsorships. 

Lucy Rojansky, Amidon PTA

Amidon Soiree

I'll chime in to give kudos to Anne and Bruce Darconte. I was nearby yesterday, and Anne and Bruce definitely saved some lives. Anne said she was up in her loft and saw flames shooting through the roof and went running over. No alarms, no sprinklers going off, so they banged on doors. Later at the community center, Anne and Bruce were right there helping and I think they also coordinated all the sandwiches that were brought in. The residents and responders didn't have enough masks, and I had a box of HEPA masks so I came home to get them. By the time I returned, someone (I think Anne or Bruce) had gone to Harris Teeter and bought them out of Medical-type masks, which they distributed. They also brought bags of personal supplies (toothpaste, etc).  
It takes major guts to run into a burning building and a lot of heart to stick around and help out afterwards. So I do want to go on record to thank Anne and Bruce for their efforts. Huge impact on the entire community. Thank you!


Capper Building Fire

On behalf of Miner Elementary School, I would like to convey appreciation and deepest thanks to you, Near Southeast Community Partners and your WNBC4 affiliates for your generous donation of  backpacks filled with a variety of school supplies, a case of composition notebooks and crayons , folders and glue sticks on April 4, 2018! Generous gifts from donors like you provide the tangible support needed to continue our mission of providing for the needs of our students. Your contributions demonstrate your commitment to our cause.

Bruce Jackson, Principal- Miner Elementary School

Washington DC

Marty, just a quick note to congratulate you and your Feed the Feeder colleagues on a great event last night.  It is quite impressive what you all have built in terms of the DCPS Ward 6 community.  I enjoyed meeting the principals and parent reps from other DCPS Middle Schools (Stuart-Hobson, Eliot-Hine, Jefferson, etc.)  I also want to let you, Tilman, and Kishan know that Steven and I took advantage of the opportunity to share our view on Hardy's tech needs with the new Deputy Mayor for Education (Paul Kihn).

Thanks again and congratulations on a successful event.

Jason Orlando, Hardy Middle Schol PTA

Feeder Series®

Richard Wright wishes to honor you with our Outstanding Service Award 2018. You have been an excellent advocate and partner.

Whenever we have called on you, you have always come through.

Richard Wright Public Charter School

Washington DC

CSF was pleased to partner with NSCP again this year to provide program supplies  in support of activities that we provided in the Capitol Quarter Community Center. We are extremely appreciative for funding received  from NSCP that enabled us to impact the community in a positive way. The funding allowed for the purchase of sewing and yoga equipment, chairs, laptops, laptop safe, books and recreational equipment.  These items are used by community residents in an effort to help improve their lives.

Community Services Foundation

Capper Community Center

Sounds like Bruce DarConte was wearing his invisible cape today. Thank you, hero that we need.

Rosina Teri Memolo

Cappeer Building Fire

It is incredible everything you're doing to help the Capper Seniors and how truly amazing that you were there to help alert them of the fire and get people to safety. We need more people like you. If there is anything that we can do to help, please let me know.

Amelia Zimmerman-VP Crestline Hotels, Mitigation Fund Committee Member

Capper Building Fire

In awe of Bruce and his wife, banging on doors to get neighbors out from a burning building.

Sandra Moscoso


Thank you for the support your group has given during 2018.  May you continue to do great things in 2019. 

George Blackmon, CHPSPO

We greatly appreciate your support of our work on behalf of the children of Amidon-Bowen.

Amidon PTA

Amidon Soiree

You do it all these days, don't you?  We very much appreciate you and Anne for all you both do!  Without you, it would have ended much, much worse.

Michael Bekesha

Ward 6 Council Candidate

So proud to know real heroes! (Capper Fire)

Marci Hilt

Capper Senior Fire

Thanks for helping your neighbors today (I know you do it every day)!

Josh Burch

Thank you for your contribution to the "Field of Dreams" event to benefit Capitol Hill Little League. With your generous support, youth baseball and softball will continue to grow and prosper in Wards 6 & 7 during 2018 and beyond. The funds will help ensure that the league will have the resources to provide player scholarships , gloves, bats and other equipment and pay for improvements and maintenance of playing fields. 

Capitol Hill Little League

Washington DC

Thank you for all you did to help the seniors today. I appreciate what you did to to help them on the worst day of their lives.

Laura Salmon,CQ HOA Phase 1

Capper Senior Fire

Bless you for helping those residents. (Capper Senior fire)


Capper Senior Fire

Both you and Anne are angels.  (Capper Senior fire)

Robert White

DC Council Member

Please know that CSF is most appreciative of the generous funding that was received from NSCP for the sewing and fitness equipment for the new Capitol Quarter RecreationBbuilding. This funding has positively impacted the community for all residents. 

Angela Bowen, Community Services Foundation

Washington DC

As we reflect on a successful Fall season, DC Scores would like to provide you with an update. Your grant of $25,000 has allowed us to purchase high-quality, durable soccer equipment for the Amidon-Bowen & Jefferson Middle school sites.

Students at both schools will enjoy a high quality soccer experience that mirrors that of pay-to-play soccer teams for upper-income DC and suburban families and careful stewardship will ensure use by the school community for years to come.

Bethany Henderson, Executive Director-DC Scores

Washington DC

On behalf of the students and staff of Living Classrooms of the National Capitol Region, we want to thank you for volunteering for the 2018 Kingman Island Bluegrass Festival. Your support furthers our mission of providing youth with important hands-on environmental education and job training. Your support will empower even more youths with a viable alternative to "life on the streets".

Living Classrooms

National Capitall Region

Thank you for all that you do.

Dianne Groomes

Security Director, SW Wharf

You and Anne are heroes! (Capper Senior fire)

Kate Alwon Brenner

Jefferson Academy

Thank you for your truly tremendous contributions to Amidon-Bowen. The school would not be what it is today without your efforts and we are truly grateful. Thank you!!

Amidon PTA

Washington DC

I'm proud of the work we did to improve the larger community affected by CSX and really enjoyed the experience getting to know everyone on the committee over the years. Thank you for the opportunity and for guiding all this effort!

Bonnie Burgess, Mitigation Fund Committee

Washington DC

Thank you for the extraordinary experience of having worked with you-The best to you all.

Roger Moffat (ANC 6D), Mitigation Fund Committee

Washington DC

Near SE Community Partners' investment in Capitol Hill Village has paid tremendous dividends in bringing services, activities, educational programs and community connections to seniors across Capitol Hill.

Molly Singer, Capitol Hill Village

Washington DC

Thank you for hosting a great (Living Room Chat) event last night. The (interim) Chancellor was pleased with her time there and I hope everyone in attendance felt the same way-it felt like they did! Thanks again!

Nicole Petty, Coordinator-DCPS Community Action Team - Wards 5 & 6

Washington DC

I had such a great time and learned a lot! (Feeder 3).

Carolyne Albert-Garvey, Principal Maury Elementary

Feeder Series™

I would like to tell you about the fundraiser yesterday. We had planned on donating 40% to NSCP , but would like to donate 50% of the sales (from Spa Day).  We had a great time, the salon was packed and we look forward to doing another soon!

Nina Ngo, Tracy Salon

Washington DC

Thanks for pulling together such a great event! I'm looking forward to the next round table. (Feeder 3).

Sah Brown, Principal Eastern HS

Feeder Series™

You are doing great work for our schools.  I'm so proud to call you my friend :-).

Natalie Gordon, DCPS Instructional Superintendent (Cluster 7)

Washington DC

Thank you for NSCP's sponsorship of the 2017 Canal Park Summer Events-Fresh Farm, Thursday Night Outdoor Movie Series and Kids in Canal. Your sponsorship has been essential to the growth & improvement of the programming in Canal Park. The Fresh Farm Market brought over 20 local farmers, made over $7K each week and a total of $140K in sales thus far, which is above par for any 1st year market. The market has become a place to connect with neighbors. We really appreciate your various commitments to us and others.

Capitol Riverfront BID


 I am reaching out today because you have been nominated and chosen as the next D.C. Community Star, for your hard work and dedication to the community. We would like to honor you at the next D.C. United home match. You will receive 8 tickets to the match and a special half-time recognition spotlight, on field.

Amanda Ortega, Community Relations Coordinator- DC United

Washington DC

Thank you for setting such a high bar in support of Amidon. We owe  so much to you.

Lucy Rojansky, Amidon-Bowen Elementary School

Washington DC

Thank you for joining us on Wednesday evening (6/21/17)!  We’d like to also extend a special thanks to Near SE Community Partners for being outstanding hosts!  We look forward to working with you all to continue strengthening communities and revitalizing neighborhoods in Ward 6. 

At-Large Council Member Anita Bonds

Washington DC

I can't wait to work with you! Let's change more kids lives in Ward 6.

Eugenia Young, Principal at Eliot-Hine Middle School

Washington DC

You are one of the best, action-oriented individuals I know. You do as much or more good than anybody I know. I'm proud to call you my friend.

Brian Hart, Co-Founder-LighthouseDC

Washington DC

We would like to thank Near Southeast Community Partners for extending funds for our program. Your grant allows us to continue planning and carrying out our valuable sporting and educational events for our youth.

Jay Shorter, Executive Director- DC Storm

Washington DC

On behalf of Dr. Clark, Ms. Michelle Santos students and staff I just wanted to thank Near Southeast Community Partners for the generous support. This will put us on the path to realize our dream. 

Helen Compton-Harris, Richard Wright Public Charter School

Washington DC

We all loved meeting more of the NSCP Board of Directors and truly appreciated the thoughtfulness and interest everyone showed in the work we do here. You all ROCK and make such a huge difference in our community. We are very grateful!

Capitol Hill Arts Workshop (CHAW)

Washington DC

Amidon-Bowen Elementary School is so grateful for NSCP’s generous support and we thank them for their dedicated service to the school,” 

TaMikka Sykes, Principal Amidon-Bowen Elementary

Washington DC

Thank you again for hosting last week’s wonderful event for so many of our hardworking teachers and principals in Ward 6. It was wonderful to see them getting some down time and to be celebrated by you and your co-hosts.

 Please don’t hesitate to reach out if Jennie or I can ever be supportive of your efforts; we could only hope for every neighborhood in the District to have such great partners supporting our educators and schools!

Ahnna Smith, Chief of Staff, Deputy Mayor for Education Jennifer Niles

Feeder Series™

Your partnership (Adopt-a-School) has been exemplary in your communication, coordination on activities and your donation efforts. We would love to offer your experience and best practices to other schools as a resource.

DCPS Office of Family and Pubic Engagement

Washington DC

On March 30, 2017, Near Southeast Community Partners presented DC SCORES, United’s official charitable partner, with a $25,000 grant. The grant ensures that both Amidon-Bowen Elementary School and Jefferson Middle School in southwest Washington can purchase all the soccer equipment and uniforms they need to implement DC SCORES soccer programming over the next three years.

DC United

Washington DC

On behalf of Tyler's PTA, I would like to thank you for continuing to support Tyler teachers and our school community. We greatly appreciate your generosity. .

Tyler Elementary School

Washington DC

Thank you to NSC Partners and all grant awardees for your important work.

CSX Transportation

Washington DC

On behalf of the students & staff of Living Classrooms (Capitol Region), we would like to thank NSCP very much for the generous gift for the Floating Library Program. Your support will empower even more youth with a viable alternative to "life on the streets" & thousands of students with a hand-on method of learning not available in the traditional classroom. 

James P. Bond, CEO Living Classrooms

Washington DC

NSCP looks like a pro, and there's lots we can learn from you!!! 

Suzanne Wells, CHPSPO

Washington DC

Thank you NSC Partners for supporting computer literacy at Payne!

Stephanie Byrd, Principal at Payne Elementary School

Washington DC

We appreciate having you all as partners and I can't wait to see a game on the newly tricked out Amidon fields. if there's anything we can do to support Near Southeast Community Partners, please don't hesitate to let us know.

Anthony Francavella, DC Scores

Washington DC

Thank you so much for a really fantastic ( Feed the Feeder) event last night. it was extremely well planned and executed and set the gold standard for school partnerships, community engagement and certainly teacher appreciation. You guys rocked it! We are lucky to have you guys supporting us.

Amidon PTA

Washington DC