Washington Nationals Unsung Hero Award-2019

Awarded to Bruce DarConte on Opening Day for his efforts rescuing seniors during the Capper Senior Building fire in September 2018. As a result, there were no casualties and only a few injuries.  Credit CCP Advocacy Consultant Anne DarConte for her efforts in the building working with the Marines rescuing residents. 

Nats Park Neighborhood Night-2018

CCP President Bruce DarConte was selected to do the "Play Ball " announcement to kick off the Marlins/Nationals game at the stadium at Neighborhood Night. He was on the field for pre game ceremonies with Directors Emily Franc, Marty Welles and Advocacy Consultant Anne DarConte.

                    CCP gave away 50 tickets to residents in the community.

Richard Wright PCS Humanitarian Award for Outstanding Service-2018

Awarded to CCP President Bruce DarConte for his fierce commitment to help create a strong community and working together to make a difference in our corner of the world

Council Member Anita Bonds Community Cornerstone Award-2017

Awarded to CCP Directors Trey Sherard & Emily Franc 

for dedicated service to the environment and the Anacostia River . As result of their efforts, the Anacostia is cleaner and is on its way to becoming swimmable and fishable

Amidon-PTA Tiger Award- 2018

Awarded to CCP Treasurer Marty Welles & President Bruce DarConte for years of generous service to Amidon-Bowen resulting in a new STEM lab, playground, front sign, new athletic equipment/uniforms, increased enrollment and much more.

DC United Bright Star Award-2017

Awarded on the field at RFK Stadium to CCP President Bruce DarConte for  dedicated service to the community.

Council Member Anita Bonds Community Cornerstone Award-2015

Awarded to CCP President Bruce DarConte for creating Near Southeast Community Partners, a nonprofit whose mission is to create a vibrant Navy Yard community and funding thousands of dollars for the community’s public schools, providing assistance to Arthur Capper’s seniors, supporting neighborhood small businesses and expand recreation activities along the Anacostia River

Washington Nationals Honoree for Dedicated Community Service-2015

Awarded to CCP President Bruce DarConte on the field at Nats Park for

dedicated service in the community (Honored also in 2017)

United States Coast Guard Honoree-2016

Awarded to CCP Director Mike Moyers for 20 years of service to our country. Mr. Moyers retired as a Lt. Commander.

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