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NSCP Expands & Becomes CCP

(We Hit the Ground Running)


How It All Began:


On June 16, 2013, a group of residents, non-profit leaders, city, federal and corporate representatives boarded the Half-Shell boat at Diamond Teague Park.

The vision of these leaders was to build a vibrant community by the Anacostia River. The result of the cruise was a new organization: Near Southeast Community Partners-NSC Partners.

Once the Half-Shell docked from that inaugural cruise in 2013, we went to work.

A great deal of time was spent meeting with non-profit organizations, corporations, community leaders and officials around Washington DC to understand how to build a non-profit from the ground up. We had a unique challenge because our community was (and still is) new and in the midst of a multi year build out still underway. 

A key objective of our work was to build community social capital and neighborhood good-will by funding and supporting great community enhancement projects, working with key partners to find and fund innovative programs and spread this good will in our neighboring communities.

We strive to build our operation through organic growth that yields strong and enduring partnerships for the long term.

We focus on the environment and our local schools.

Today, we are an award winning 501c(3) non-profit corporation doing what we set out to do.


CCP (formerly NSCP) in a Nutshell:


  • CCP has engaged people, businesses and organizations to meet individual and community needs.

  • CCP raises funds and brings neighbors and businesses together to support our local schools including Amidon-Bowen, Jefferson Middle and Van Ness Elementary. Our school fundraisers have become an annual event with our partner Nando's Peri-Peri in Yards Park.​

  • CCP raises funds and raises awareness for a clean and healthy Anacostia River. With Potomac RiverKeeper,  Living Classrooms, and others, we pull tons of trash from our river. Local Businesses like Sapore, Agua301 and Ice Cream Jubilee all partner with us as fans of the Anacostia. 

  • Our CCP Logo (Top/Left), represents the people, structures and river that make up our community. The logo took one year to create.

  • On September 16, 2014, CCP held a Remembrance Ceremony (left) for the Tragic Navy Yard shooting the year prior. NSCP wanted to honor the victims, their families, first responders, the Navy and the community to show support. Representative Steny Hoyer, Mayor Gray, the DC Council, our Armed Forces, other dignitaries and community members were in attendance. We will never forget.


  • Barracks Row Main Street andCCP created "RIVER ROW". River Row debuted at the BRMS Fall Festival in 2014 to shine a spot light on the Anacostia. 10 groups participated and we will be expanding it for 2015.


  • CCP creates Legal/Finance and Learning & Development Committees.


  • As a result of the media attention from the Navy Yard Remembrance,CCP adds a Public Affairs for media volunteer position.


  • CCP was a host to the Mayoral Forum on the Environment in Yards Park in 2014.  


  • CCP hosted a Lecture Series on Michael Shiners' Diary and a walking tour of the Navy Yard area to learn about its history. We also held a special Lecture for our seniors on the same day.


  • CCP has hosted the Marines, Navy, Coast Guard, students, the Capitol RiverFront BID Clean & Safe Team and others at Nationals Park last season to say thank you.


  • CCP has facilitiated roundtables for the 11th Street Bridge Park Project and was a member of the Equitable Development Plan Task Force on Small Business.


  • CCP was a member of the Van Ness Elementary School Improvement (SIT) Team. NSCP President Bruce DarConte is on this team. NSCP's President spearheaded the effort to reopen the school in 2010.


  • Organizations recognize our value to the community and partner with us to provide opportunities in the community for our youth and our seniors.


  • In 2015, CCP was selected to be the Third Party Administrator for the $650,000 CSX Virginia Avenue Tunnel Community Mitigation Fund.


  • CCP selects committee members to serve on the CSX Virginia Avenue Tunnel Community Mitigation Fund Committee.


  • With the help of this Committee ,CCP takes on a 3 year project to disseminate the $650,000 to the community in ways that will enhance our area for years to come.


  • CCP President Bruce DarConte wins the  2015 Council Member Bonds Community Cornerstone Award  recognizing outstanding community service.


  • CCP was named the Adopt-A-School Partner to Amidon-Bowen. We are proud to have that honor.

  • CCP named a Top Performer in the Adopt--School Partner Program for SY2015-16.

  • CCP adds Jefferson Academy as our Adopt-a-School Partner for SY2016-17-18.

  • CCP holds first ever 5 school Feed the Feeder® event in DC to promote our local schools in 2016.

  • CCP hosts the second Feeder event on cinco de mayo with approximately 275 in attendance in 2017.

  • CCP's Treasurer Marty Welles is elected to Capitol Hill Little league Board of Directors.

  • CCP hosts Feeder 3 featuring the first ever principal roundtable. 14 schools represented.

  • CCP has funded programs such as Kids in Canal, Floating Library and sewing classes.

  • We now sponsor Friday Night Concerts in Yards Park, Thursday Night Movies in Canal Park and more.

  • CCP helped bring a new Farmers Market to Canal Park.

  • CCP adds Anne DarConte as our Advocacy Consultant.

  • CCP hosts Feeder IV, including another principal roundtable in 2018.

  • CCP President wins 2017 DC United Bright Star Award for community service.

  • CCP celebrates 5 years in June 2018 and will look to expand to help more communities. 

  • CCP adds an Awards page to its site to reflect awards won by the organization and Directors

  • CCP holds its retreat in the Dominican Republic.

  • CSCP votes to amend its mission statement, expand our boundary and more in 2018.

  • CCP adds Riverview Capitol Advisors to the Finance/Legal Committee.

  • CCP wins Best of Washington 3 years in a row.

  • Testimonials increase to 95.

  • NSCP becomes CCP in 2018.

  • CCP expands to NC, the DR and beyond.

  • CCP creates the "Kindness Isn't Cancelled" campaign in 2020 due to Covid.

  • CCP streamlined its board as we look toward the future in a post covid world.

  • CCP welcomes DC Council Member Anita Bonds s an Honorary Director. 

        The testimonials keep rolling in.


We work with CSX, Living Classrooms,  EcoLatinos, our local schools, the Washington Nationals, DC United, Agua 301, Lavagna, Tracy Salon, other businesses and dozens of Partners to celebrate our culture, environment and history to create  vibrant riverfront  communities.


From the Navy Yard Memorial, Feed TheFeeder Series®  Teacher Appreciation, River Row to Nats Park, no one does it better.


                                  We have accomplished more in 9 years than most have done period.

There is plenty of work ahead, so we will keep on moving.


We thank the dedicated and talented members of the CCP Board of Directors

and our Committees because without these great people and

organizations, none of this would have been possible.


 “Leveraging resources for resurgent riverfront communities to connect people and instill lasting improvements”


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