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CSX VAT Community Mitigation Fund Committee

Final Criteria & Application Page


Who are the Committee Members:

They are the CSX Virginia Avenue Tunnel Community Mitigation Fund Committee.

The Committee is composed of volunteers who reside or work in ANC 6B and 6D. The members were selected from applications submitted to the Board of the Near Southeast Community Partners, a 501(c) 3 organization devoted to the enhancement of the community, for their commitment, experience, and history in the community. Near Southeast Community Partners is the fiscal agent and administrator of the CSX Community Mitigation Funds.

The Committee reflects the variety of voices in the community.


Committee Mission Statement:

In accordance with the FHWA Record of Decision on the Virginia Avenue Tunnel Project, the CSX Virginia Avenue Tunnel Community Mitigation Fund Committee is responsible for reviewing proposals and awarding grants to support community enhancement or to offset temporary inconvenience.

Grants are awarded in several categories, including but not limited to: neighborhood beautification/infrastructure/permanent improvement, arts/culture, schools/education, social services, community development and mitigating temporary inconvenience.

When evaluating requests, the Committee will strive to maintain a balance of need, geography, greatest positive impact and resource improvements in the community.


Applying for a Grant:

Please review the Guidelines and determine whether you (as a resident) or your organization is eligible to compete for funds. Applications may be completed on line or by mail.

Complete the application and submit by the deadline (established per phase) along with supporting documents.

NSCP welcomes your questions and comments.  Call our office at 202-888-3585 or email





1. Who is eligible to apply?


The Committee considers grant applications from organizations and individuals in one or more of the following categories:


  • Have status under Section 501(c) of the Internal Revenue Code.

  • Are a public entity or other charitable, educational or cultural organization.

  • Have a fiscal sponsor with a 501 (c) status. 

  • Wish to apply for a grant to mitigate temporary inconvenience caused by the CSX Tunnel Project.

  • Individuals/groups who reside within ANC 6D and ANC 6B

  • Provide programs and services to the area encompassed by ANC 6B and ANC 6D, which show evidence of community need and support.


Note: Six (6) phases have been established. Due dates for each phase will be announced; generally in August & February.  Applicatons by U.S. mail

must be postmarked by the last day of each phase.

Late and incomplete applications will not be accepted. Applicants who miss the deadline may apply during the next open grant phase (except the final phase).

Any applicant not selected for an award may resubmit an application in a later phase, unless denied as a result of not meeting the terms & conditions or outside of the radius. Applications for compensation for temporary inconvenience cannot exceed the individual payment amounts provided under the Front Row Residences RPM Program. (Although nearly $200K for technology has been funded for schools in Phases 1-4, we encourage other grant requests for Phases 5-6).

Applications submitted for a project without a complete budget will not be considered.


Note: In accordance with the Record of Decision, Front Row residents and residents in the Arthur Capper Senior Apartments are not eligible for funds from the Supplemental Community Mitigation Fund. Organizations/Individuals cannot apply for funds on their behalf nor can funds be earmarked to those not eligible. 


2. What is The Range of Grants?


  • The Mitigation Fund is $650,000.

  • Six (6) grant phases are planned on a semi-annual basis over the next three years

  • The total amount of grants given in each grant cycle will be approximately $108,000.

  • While there is no limitation on the dollar amount of a grant request, applicants should be mindful that the Committee will work to balance the grant awards geographically and across several broad categories, and will consider the number of people positively impacted by the grant.


3. What Does The CSX Virginia Avenue Tunnel Mitigation Fund Committee Fund?


The CSX Mitigation Fund Committee considers and funds applications in these broad categories, but not limited to:


  • Community beautification/infrastructure/permanent improvement, arts/culture, schools/education, social services, mitigation of temporary inconvenience and community development favoring permanent improvements or programs that benefit a variety of residents or groups that reside near the construction area.


4. What Does The CSX Virginia Avenue Tunnel Mitigation Fund Committee NOT Fund?


Grants will NOT be considered for:


  • Fundraisers; block parties or other one-time events; home renovation/improvement; political campaigns; deficit reduction or general operating expenses of an organization.

  • Applications cannot duplicate activities, programs or benefits that are being provided by or are similar to mitigation measures identified in the Record of Decision.

  • The Committee generally does not support organizations on an on-going basis, preferring to distribute its currently limited funds among many organizations.

  • Anything categorized as a claim. If you believe that your property is damaged as a result of the project, a claim should be filed through CSX by contacting the Community office at 861 New Jersey Avenue SE (800-494-1049).


5. Once Grants are Awarded, How Will Funds Be Distributed?


  • Based on the scope of the project or request, grants may be distributed in one lump sum, installments or withheld until permits/approvals are awarded as determined by the committee and the grant request. MOU must be signed within 30-45 days after award notification. NSCP reserves the right to rescind award if MOU is not signed within timeframe.

  • Awarded funds must be spent within one year of the fund date. Applicant will be required to to provide an explanation in writing for the delay and apply for an extension before the one year deadline, otherwise award will be rescinded


Evaluation Criteria of Applicants:


The Committee Will Evaluate Applications Using The Following:


  • The area covered by the grant.

  • Program/positive impact – the targeted outcomes of the project.

  • Addressing a significant need.

  • The nature of the inconvenience suffered by the applicant.

  • Extent of community need addressed.

  • Feasibility of the program/project to be completed as proposed, on time and within budget.

  • Community Support (letters of support, matching grants, etc.).

  • Good standing on previously awarded grants.

  • Committee decisions are final                                                                              


The Mitigation Fund is now complete

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