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     Projects and Accomplishments

         (Topics that are always on our minds)



NSC Partners works with individuals, organizations and businesses to enhance living, working and playing in Washington DC. We carefully select projects that benefit our community. Find out what's happening, get involved or suggest a new project idea. Become a part of creating a vibrant riverfront community.


We love Clean Waterways!

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           Submit a project idea

We're always on the hunt for new projects! Contact us with your ideas and we'll help you make it happen.

          Anacostia River & Clean Waterways Clean Up Days! 

Anacostia RiverKeeper, NSCP, Living Classrooms, Pope  andBranch Park Restoration Alliance had a successful Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service on January 16, 2017 with 174 volunteers collecting 6299 Lbs of trash.

                                                    We love clean waterways and a vibrant riverfront community!


NSC Partners joins with other private organizations, local businesses, and the D.C. and Federal government to reduce pollution levels and protect the ecologically valuable Anacostia watershed.  


NSC Partners is looking for new environmental projects to improve our community. Click on the contact button above and tell us your idea.


     A Clean Anacostia is always a topic on our minds...

Local DCPS School Fund Raisers, Feed the Feeder, 

Teacher Appreciation Days & Adopt-a-School


Our local schools are seeing growth in enrollment and an increase in test scores.


NSCP supports our schools including Amidon-Bowen Elementary, Jefferson Academy, Brent Elementary and Van Ness Elementary.


NSCP, with our partners, Nando's Peri Peri in Yards Park and Agua301 host Teacher Appreciation Days and Fundraisers to support our schools and the dedicated teachers & staff who work tirelessly for our local kids.

These events have raised money to support student activites beyond what is in their school budgets.


We understand how hard our teachers work and we always say


NSCP adopted Amidon-Bowen and Jefferson


<--Pictured (top down) from the 2016 Teacher Appreciation Event: Van Ness HOS Cynthia Rivers-Robinson, NSCP Treasurer Marty Welles, Amidon Principal Izabela Miller, NSCP President Bruce DarConte. CM White addressing the "Feed the Feeder" guests at Agua 301, Amidon & Van Ness teachers at the 2016 Teacher Apprecation event on 2/4/16.


Showing appreciation for our teachers is always a topic on our minds..

CSX Virginia Avenue Tunnel Community Mitigation Fund Third Party Administrator


NSCP was proud to have been selected by CSX to administer the $650,000 Community Fund given to enhance the neighborhood and offset inconveniences as a result of the project.

NSCP was chosen based on the strength of our board, success and dedication to the community.

NSCP understands the sensitivity surrounding this project and is committed to working with the community to use these funds to enhance our neighborhood.


This is a 3 year NSCP Project.


<- First double-stacked train goes through the new Virginia Avenue Tunnel on 12/23/16.



Using the Mitigation Fund  to Create a vibrant riverfront community is always a topic on our minds...



Van Ness Elementary School Improvement Team (SIT)


NSCP is proud to be part of the Van Ness "SIT" team.

The SIT team is made up of school officials, DGS, architects, NSCP and community stakeholders

NSCP Donated $19,400.00 to Van Ness during Phase 1 of the Mitigation Fund.


The effort to reopen Van Ness began in 2010 with a meeting at the Navy Yard Courtyard Marriott with Chancellor Henderson, former CM Tommy Wells and community members hosted by NSCP President Bruce DarConte.

Soon, many others joined in and as a result, the school opened for SY2015 with PK3, PK4 and Kindergarten classes. It now has added 1st grade.

Van Ness welcomes Cynthia Robinson-Rivers as head of school.


The success of our local schools is always a topic on our minds...


 Community Center at Capitol Quarter

The District built a new community center located at 5th and L St, SE.  A survey was taken after data was collected from several community meetings. Left is the bldg under construction.

This building replaced the former Community Center (below, left) which was demolished in 2007 and was slated to be replaced as part of the Hope VI initiative awarded in October 2001.

The Community House must generate enough revenue to support itself and be able to offer free programming to those of modest means. NSCP awarded the Community Center $36.183.00.

There are many important community institutions to be developed in Near Southeast.  Click on the contact button above and let us know if you would like to partner with NSC Partners on a new project.

Construction is complete the Open House had taken place in November 2016.


<--Pictured (top/Bottom): Inside the new building. The original building before being torn down around 2007.


                                       The success of this building is always a topic on our minds...

War of 1812 - tour and lecture

The War of 1812, the “second war for American independence,” threatened to rip the young United States apart. 2014 marks the 200th Anniversary of the devastating burning of Washington and the Navy Yard, followed by the penning of the Star Spangled Banner. 


In junction with the commemoration, NSC Partners  hosted a walking tour highlighting the history of the Washington Navy Yard and its burning during the War of 1812. 


NSCP also offered a special lecture based on the diary of African American Michael Shiner, a slave who worked as a painter in the Navy Yard.


The history of our community is always a topic on our minds... 



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