Feed the Feeder™ Reception!

The First Ever Feed the Feeder® Reception!

CCP and our partners the Association of American Railroads (AAR) and JMA-Solutions hosted this unique event celebrating 5 schools (Amidon-Bowen, Brent, Tyler, Van Ness and their feeder school Jefferson Academy on 12/7/2016. It was a night to honor our teachers, highlight our local schools and work to boost the enrollment into Jefferson. Council Member Robert White, Jefferson Principal Greg Dohmann and NSCP President Bruce DarConte addressed the 130+ guests who were treated to dinner and drinks at Agua 301 in Yards Park. Thank you Council Member Elissa Silverman, CHPSPO, Ahnna Smith (Chief of Staff for DME Jennie Niles), Joe Weedon and the NSCP L&D Committee.

The event was sponsored by the Amidon and Brent PTA's.

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