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  CCP Committees

Legal/Finance Committee:

David Talley, CPA

-Partner at GD&T, PLC; Certified Public Accountants

Monique Gaw

-Partner, Riverview Capital Advisors LLC



Executive Committee:

Bruce DarConte, SRS, RCA

Founder/President, CCP


Martin Welles, Esq.

CCP Treasurer


Emily Franc

Director, CCP


Advocacy Consultant:

Anne DeSeta-DarConte, CAE

-Managing Director, HillStaffer

-Certified Association Executive (CAE)

-North Carolina Association of Executives Member

-2020 AENC Award Winner for Government Relations 

Learning & Development Committee:

Martin Welles, Esq.

CCP Treasurer

Bruce DarConte, SRS,RCA

-President, CCP

Rachael Shearouse

-Education Curator, Zoo Idaho 


Kindness Isn't Cancelled

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