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Cruise on Half Shell in Summer 2013


Fact Sheet:  NSC Partners Story


On June 16, 2013, a group of residents, non-profit leaders, federal representatives, District leaders and corporate representatives boarded the Half Shell boat docked at Diamond Teague Park, located on the Capitol Riverfront waterfront in Washington, DC. The objective for this cruise on the river was to form a new community association. The vision of these community leaders was to create the Near Southeast Community Partners (NSC Partners) and commit them to help create a vibrant riverfront community.


With many buildings climbing above the horizon, the view from the Half Shell was one of dramatic urban change. The community formerly was home to light industrial, commercial and adult-entertainment, but a new baseball stadium ( a soccer stadium to be built), high-rise residential and office buildings have displaced all. Residents have only started to shape this new place by the Anacostia River as a sustainable community and to understand what community amenities will enhance and support the quality of life of its existing and future members.


The way that quality of life is lived in the Near Southeast/ Capitol Riverfront, and the common purpose around which these residents resolve that concept of place is key to a sustained community. Near Southeast Community Partners is focused on organizing our residents to resolve that concept of place for new and legacy people, supporting common goals about their individual & collective needs as a place to live. Near South East Community Partners will serve the community by shaping how we become more joined and scaled up such that we add significantly to moving forward for social and environmental amenities for good of all. The goal is to create a vibrant riverfront community.


Today, we are a 501(c)3 organization leading the way toward our goal. Our success is a result of a dedicated Board of Directors and Committee members who bring years of experience & leadership to the table.


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