Our Mission

Creating a vibrant riverfront community.

Our greatest asset is our team.

We want to work with you to continue honoring our mission. 


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  What's Up?
NSCP Making a Difference In The Community
About NSC Partners
Serving SE/SW/Capitol Hill & Beyond

Near Southeast Community Partners is a 501(c)3 community corporation 

serving Washington, D.C.'s SE/SW/Capitol Hill communities..  We are a network of neighbors, organizations and businesses creating a vibrant riverfront community. 

Historically, Near Southeast/The Yards was home to shipbuilding, manufacturing, and workers’ residences. Today's baseball stadium, high-rise residential and office buildings create a new environment.   

Our neighborhood is unique in DC because it was built to “face” and celebrate the Anacostia River.  That’s a great start.  But a community is more that its buildings. It's a network of people supporting each other to achieve common goals.

Get to know us and you will understand why we are so mission driven.


We fund many great projects in the community. 



NSCP, in 3 short years, has done more than others have in 10.


Supporting SE/SW/Capitol Hill & Beyond..

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NSCP Directors: Bruce DarConte, Marty Welles, Steve Mutschler, Trey Sherard, John Short, Emily Franc, Maurice Cook, Mike Moyers

CSX Virginia Avenue Tunnel

Supplemental Community 

Mitigation Fund


NSCP was proud to be awarded the $650,000 Community Mitigation Fund by CSX as Third Party Administrator to help create a vibrant riverfront community.

        Phase 4 Funding period has ended.

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Phase 5 will begin August 1, 2017.


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Want to be on the Committee? Are you objective, open-minded? We are excepting apps April 1-April 30th.

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