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CSX Virginia Avenue Tunnel Mitigation Fund Awardees

Phases 5-6

CCP and The CSX Virginia Avenue Tunnel Mitigation Fund Committee 

are pleased to announce Awardees for the pro-rated portion of the $650,000 Mitigation Fund by Phase:

                                                             Awardees: Phase 5 (8/1/2017-9/15/2017)

  • Virginia Avenue Park-  Funded to complete the partial renovation of the park just outside of the LOD. The park will better serve the area which is being improved through new dwellings planned by  lower Eighth Street area and the SE Blvd vicinity. 

  • Anacostia Trust- Funded to help preserve & maintain the historical, cultural & amenity value of the boating clubs located along  the Anacostia river known as boathouse row.

  • Capitol Hill Corale-  Providing sheet music and rehearsal space for the chorus to preform at venues throughout our area . 

  • DC Storm- Improving the status of young men and maximizing their academic effort by mentoring at-risk youth from low income families & non traditional home life support systems through education sports & cultural activities.



                                                        Awardees: Phase 6 (2/1/2018-3/15/2018)


  • The Hill Center- East programming, art supplies and family fun days.

  • Friendship PCS- New glass enclosed front door. Visitors can now be seen from the inside.

  • Anacostia RiverKeeper- Friday Night Fishing program.

  • Capitol Hill Little League- Pitching machines, portable little league pitching mound.

  • Capitol Quarter Community Center- Sewing materials, thread, fabric, recreational equipment. 

  • Capitol Hill Arts Workshop- Theatre seating for their programs.

  • Fresh Farm-  (Farmers Market in Canal Park) Permits, equipment, signage, fresh match.

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